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About to go to church and was reviewing how blessed I feel. One reason is the fabulous boat you built. The Patriot is the penultimate in comfort, efficiency, and effectiveness. It is superbly designed, handles very well, and makes fishing a real pleasure.

I also appreciate your customer service and sending me upgrades at no cost. You should let me pay for them as they improve the boat immeasurably.

Blessings to you and Nancy.

Dennis on Lake Austin 

Just wanted to stop and say thanks again for you extra efforts in building my new Patriot boat. You and your staff did an amazing job on my boat. You hardly remember the easy ones but the tough ones stay in our thoughts for a long time. I can assure you that Freedom USA Boats has a new one man advertising campaign.

I have a great story about a Man that is proud of what he does and what he builds. I can testify that Forest Canion stands among the few today that believe in their efforts to make as fine a product as the market has seen. The design, workmanship, and the highest quality materials combined with your “it has to be right” attitude produces one heck of a boat. The dollar value is amazing, the finished product is more amazing.

I look forward to bringing the boat back after David has finished rigging it with the motor and accessories for your approval. (or disapproval) Thanks again,

Ron Wolma and his Grandson’s 

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